Bride of the Wind
While this CD seems as if it may be a perfect showcase for the talents of many composers, it seems that much of the individuality gets lost in the torrent, except for the music by Gustav Mahler himself, one of the greatest composers of the romantic era, right up there with Wagner. Because of the fact that the other music is severely lacking compared to the master's, it makes the CD very difficult to listen to from beginning to end with no breaks. What one can do however is possibly just program your player to play just the Endelman and Alma Mahler tracks. Then again, the best solution is to simply pass on this CD entirely and just go for a Mahler highlights CD. That's what I would do.

  1. Opening Credits (Endelman) 3:18
  2. The Performance (G. Mahler) 5:17
  3. The Lovers (Endelman) 4:07
  4. Bei Dir Ist Es Traut (A. Mahler) 2:30
  5. Give Up Your Music (Endelman) 2:03
  6. Cafe Central (Bihari) 2:18
  7. The Arts and Crafts Ball (Bihari)
  8. In Meines Vaters Garten (A. Mahler) 2:03
  9. The Rehearsal (G. Mahler) 4:19
  10. The Hot Springs (Endelman) 2:16
  11. The Signature (G. Mahler) 2:06
  12. Maria's Death (G. Mahler) 3:39
  13. The Letter (G. Mahler) 11:05
  14. She Walks (Endelman) 3:15
  15. The Fan (G. Mahler) 9:28
  16. Bride of the Wind (Endelman) 1:39
  17. I'm Pregnant (Endelman) 3:27
  18. The Battle (Endelman) 1:07
  19. Laue Sommernacht (A. Mahler) 2:20
  20. Unrequitted Love (G. Mahler) 6:22
  21. End Credits (Endelman) 3:07

Total Time: (36:46)

Bride of the Wind is Copyright 2001 Paramount Classics. CD produced by Stephen Endelman. Executive producer: Evzen Kolar. This review is written by and is the property of Isaac Engelhorn and does not reflect the opinions of Tripod.