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The Fifth Elemtent

Track List:
  1. Little Light of Love 4:50
  2. Mondoshawan 4:01
  3. Timecrash 1:49
  4. Korben Dallas 1:43
  5. Koolen 0:55
  6. Akta 1:51
  7. Leeloo 4:56
  8. Five Millenia Later 3:13
  9. Plavalaguna 1:47
  10. Ruby Rap 1:55
  11. Heat 2:54
  12. Badaboom 1:12
  13. Mangalores 1:06
  14. Lucia Di Lammermoor 3:10
  15. The Diva Dance 1:31
  16. Leeloominai 1:41
  17. A Bomb in the Hotel 2:14
  18. Mina Hinoo 0:54
  19. No Cash No Trash 1:04
  20. Radiowaves 2:32
  21. Human Nature 2:03
  22. Pictures of War 1:19
  23. Lakta Ligunai 4:14
  24. Protect Life 2:33
  25. Little Light of Love 3:29
  26. Aknot! Wot? 3:35

Total Time: (62:42)

Composed by:
Eric Serra,
G. Donzietti (14)

Conducted by:
Eric Serra,
Frederic Chaslin (14)

Orchestrated by:
Eric Serra,
Robert Bougis

Performed by:
The London Session Orchestra,
The London Symphony Orchestra (14),
Eric Serra (1, 25)
Chris Tucker (10)

A lot of people really don't like this score. This is probably most likely because this is one of the single hardest to describe, and is probably the most eclectic film score I've ever heard. It's so eclectic, in fact, that it's simply hard to put a finger on any one style. Plus, if you only enjoy orchestral scores, the weakness of such moments in this particular soundtrack may turn you off, basically because more emphasis is put on synths and just about every style other than traditional orchestra (though "Pictures of War" functions extremely well in the film).

To be honest, this is probably the most anime-like American film score I've heard, just as the movie was rather anime-like. The bright futuristic setting is reminiscent of Japanese animation such as Birdy the Mighty (bright costumes, people acting silly and over-the-top). To be honest, this isn't one my favorite scores. It's not that I don't like it, I do enjoy some parts, but others irritate the hell out of me (track 10 being a perfect example). So I only put it in my player when I want to hear the creative music that Serra is capable of composing when he really puts his mind to it. Some of my favorite tracks are "The Diva Dance," which uses synth to mutate the capabilities of a woman's voice beyond realistic bounds. The aforementioned "Pictures of War" is intensely dramatic as Leeloo views images of humanity's cruelty throughout history.

This Score is *not* a like it or love it. I can't really see anyone listening to the whole thing and not liking parts of it, but then again, I can't see anyone listening to the whole thing and not *hating* parts of it. Which parts you like or don't like are entirely up to you though. All in all, as strictly average album.

The Fifth Element is Copyright 1997 Virgin Records. This review is written by and is the property of Isaac Engelhorn and does not reflect the opinions of Tripod.