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Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Track List:
  1. Ilia's Theme 3:01
  2. Main Title 1:23
  3. Klingon Battle 5:27
  4. Total Logic 3:44
  5. Floating Office 1:03
  6. The Enterprise 5:59
  7. Leaving Drydock 3:29
  8. Spock's Arrival 1:58
  9. The Cloud 4:58
  10. Vejur Flyover 4:57
  11. The Force Field 5:03
  12. Games 3:41
  13. Spock Walk 4:19
  14. Inner Workings 3:01
  15. Vejur Speaks 3:50
  16. The Meld 3:09
  17. A Good Start 2:26
  18. End Title 3:16

Total Time: (65:06)

Composed by:
Jerry Goldsmith

Conducted by:
Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrated by:
Arthur Morton

The most popular of all the Trek soundtracks, this was (finally) re-released last year by Columbia/Legacy, and we at last get to hear it in MOST of it's glory. There are still a few cues from the movie missing here. Most notably the cues that utilized the theme from the old TV show. Most film score fans were anticipating this release for a long time though, so beggars can't be choosers, I guess.

To be honest, I'm not so sure why so many film score fans rave about this as being the best Trek soundtrack, because I like Horner's ST2 much better. My real problem with this soundtrack is the fact that Goldsmith's Main theme (which I think everyone in the universe knows by now) is viciously overplayed in the first half, but hardly shows up at all in the second half, and it seems completely out of place in the film. Imagine a group of explorers all standing up at the same time, raising their fists in the air, and yelling "Let's see what's out there!!" It seems just a tad bit corny, doesn't it? That's what the main theme seems like to me in this movie. On it's own though, it truly is an incredible and memorable theme, especially when it's heard in "The Enterprise." The other problem I have with this soundtrack is that Goldsmith didn't use Alexander Courage's fanfare from the old TV show at all (he used the theme itself, but NOT the fanfare). These really are minor complaints however, when you consider how great the score is as a whole.

Unlike most films, this particular one actually started out with a prelude (Ilia's Theme) in the theaters when it came out. Puting it at the beginning of the CD (unlike the original CD release) was a nice touch.

Unlike most people, I actually enjoy the movie (Star Trek is SUPPOSED to be philosophical, people!), even though I get sick of the ludicrous excuses just to show special effects, but I enjoy the soundtrack a great deal. My favorite tracks, apart from the Main Title are "Klingon Battle, The Enterprise, Spock Walk, and The Meld." The CD itself comes bundled with a bonus CD (actually you pay for it), "Inside Star Trek," which fans of the old TV series may enjoy listening to.

I'd definitely recommend this to all fans of film soundtracks. You could purchase this online, but you can probably find it in just about any music store for about 20 dollars, that's how much I got mine for.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture is Copyright 1979,1999 Columbia/Legacy. This review is written by and is the property of Isaac Engelhorn and does not reflect the opinions of Tripod.