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Trust Can Be As Transparent As Glass
Not a particularly inventive score by any stretch of the imagination, The Glass House was Christopher Young's score for a summer film in 2001. Unfortunately for the composer, he was tied in with a movie that was destined to be forgotten after nearly one week. The score has a few interesting parts, and quite a bit of minimalism (the Philip Glass house?). I cannot say that this score is truly worth of purchase, so you might as well pass on it, especially considering the fact that this composer has also had the recent excellent release of The Shipping News.

Composed by:
Christopher Young

Orchestrated by:
Pete Anthony,
Bruce Babcock,
Frank Bennett,
Christopher Young

Conducted by:
Pete Anthony

Performed by:
The Hollywood Studio Symphony

  1. The Glass House 2:22
  2. Sunken Bells 3:17
  3. Even If I Had an Ax 3:25
  4. Through the Glass Eye 2:33
  5. Twice Told Tales 4:49
  6. Sotto Voce 2:12
  7. Glasseration 3:27
  8. Diabetic Dancer 2:40
  9. Where in Time? 4:01
  10. Soubrette 2:55
  11. This Too Shall Pass 4:38

Total Time: (36:46)

The Glass House is Copyright 2001 Varese Sarabande Records. CD produced by Flavio Motalla, Christopher Young, and Jonathan Price. Executive producers: Robert Townson, Neal Moritz. This review is written by and is the property of Isaac Engelhorn and does not reflect the opinions of Tripod.