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What can I say besides "It stinks!"? -Isaac Engelhorn (9-6-2001)
Track List:
  1. Armageddon Suite
  2. Harry & Grace Make Peace
  3. AJ's Return
  4. Oil Rig
  5. Leaving
  6. Evacuation
  7. Harry Arives at NASA
  8. Back In Business
  9. Launch
  10. 5 Words
  11. Underwater Simulation
  12. Finding Grace
  13. Armadillo
  14. Short Straw
  15. Demands
  16. Death of Mir
  17. Armageddon Piano
  18. Long Distance Goodbye/Landing

Total Time: (51:21)

"Composed" by:
Trevor Rabin

Conducted by:
Gordon Goodwin

Orchestrated by:
Gordon Goodwin,
Bruce Fowler,
Trevor Rabin

How bad can a film score be? Armageddon contains everything that film score collectors have come to expect from Trevor Rabin, the very worst that Media Ventures has to offer: A hackneyed, "patriotic" theme (clearly owing a large debt to James Horner's vastly superior Apollo 13); gobs and gobs of annoying electric guitar and intervening synth orchestrations; and finally an orchestra that you can hardly hear since it's buried underneath the weight of previously mentioned factors.

The film Armageddon is one of those things that's almost embarassing to watch. It is so overdone and ridiculous that it could have made a great comedy, but instead "director" (clown is more like it) Michael Bay decided to take the screenplay and film as seriously as possible to make what has to be one of the worst damn movies I've ever had the displeasure of viewing. As you may have guessed, the score is right up the film's alley. An over-dramatic, over-done, sloppy mess. Like the film, instead of making you watch asteroids fall, it would rather be more like having asteroids come down and hit you over the head.

And besides that, it sounds more like a rock album than a film score anyway, and what serious fan of film music wants to sit down and listen to rock? When you combine this with thin orchestrations you have something that just about everyone should avoid like the plague.

And what's with this main theme, anyway? I've actually read reviews by people who though that the theme was actually very good. I've even read it described as "awesome". I personally find it to be "awesome" in no way whatsoever. It's just a filtered down hack-job of James Horner's incredible theme from Apollo 13, and it's so simple in construction that it was probably written by Rabin in under ten minutes. Even more disturbing is the cue "Launch" which not only uses the theme, but even goes so far as to make an amalgam of "The Launch" from Horner's score.

I don't know what else to say. Just trust me that it's awful. Stay as far away from the film and score as possible. That's all, really.

Armageddon is Copyright 1998. Produced by Trevor Rabin, Paul Linford, Steve Kempster. Executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer. This review is written by and is the property of Isaac Engelhorn and does not reflect the opinions of Tripod.